About ChelPipe
About ChelPipe


ChelPipe’s overall strategic objectives are to strengthen its leading position as a steel pipe producer for the Russian market and to become a leading supplier of integrated solutions for oil and gas distribution and production in Russia.

To advance its objective, ChelPipe plans to pursue the following strategies:

  • enhance leading position in Russian LDP market
  • leverage integrated platform to become a supplier of «turn-key» LDP pipeline solutions to Russian pipeline sponsors
  • expand sales of high margin OCTG and Line Pipe to the Russian oil and gas industry
  • leverage platform to become a provider of a fully integrated package of oil well products and services to the Russian oil and gas industry


ChelPipe produces welded and seamless steel pipe products for use in the oil and gas industry and a variety of other industries at two main production facilities in the Ural region of Russia. The first, the Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant is located in Chelyabinsk. The second, the Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant is located in Pervouralsk (near Yekaterinburg). The majority of ChelPipe’s sales of steel pipe products are in Russia.

In line with its strategy of expanding the scope of its operations beyond its core steel pipe business with the aim to become a leading supplier of integrated solutions for oil and gas distribution and production in Russia, in 2008 ChelPipe acquired several oilfield services businesses which produce oil well extraction equipment and provide a number of other products and services for various stages of an oilfield’s development, and during the second half of 2010 ChelPipe acquired several trunk pipeline systems businesses that produce customised components for pipeline construction.


Steel Pipe Products
ChelPipe produces steel pipe products in more than 28,000 different sizes and profiles from over 200 grades of carbon, alloy and stainless steel and covered with corrosion‑resistant coatings.

ChelPipe’s welded pipe products are LDP and welded industrial pipe and its seamless pipe products are OCTG, line pipe for use in oil and gas wells and seamless industrial pipe.

Trunk Pipeline Systems
ChelPipe’s trunk pipeline systems business produces customised components for the construction of LDP pipelines, which consists of bends, pipeline hubs and valves. In addition, the business produces and short‑radius elbows and valves for various industrial applications.

Oilfield Services
ChelPipe manufactures, sells and rents oil well extraction equipment such as electric submersible pump («ESP») systems, provides installation and maintenance services in respect of ESP systems and provides additional products and services for various stages of an oilfield’s development. As of 31 December 2010 ChelPipe serviced 5,835 oil wells in Russia.

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